Dianna E. Anderson



"We form ourselves within the vocabularies that we did not choose, and sometimes we have to reject those vocabularies, or actively develop new ones."

- Judith Butler


Dianna Anderson is a writer based out of Minneapolis, MN. She has a Master's in English Literature from Baylor University and a Master of Studies in Women's Studies from Oxford University. She is originally from South Dakota and has lived on three different continents and in five different states.

She is the author of two books: Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity (Jericho Books, 2015) and Problematic (forthcoming from Potomac Press, 2018). She is represented by Hannah Bowman at Liza Dawson Associates, who can be reached at HBowman at lizadawsonassociates.com.

Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Vice, and Salon.


PROBLEMATIC is a forthcoming work of cultural criticism from Potomac, a subsidiary of UNL. Using a background of feminist theory, PROBLEMATIC carefully examines popular culture and the feminist approach to it. Why are we so quick to dismiss? What can art that is merely good and not perfect say to us as viewers? Dare I watch things that are ... problematic?

Published September 2018, by Potomac.


In today's rapidly changing world, as long held parameters of sexuality broaden, can the evangelical purity movement continue to preach that sex before marriage absolutely labels you damaged goods?

Dianna E. Anderson’s thoughtful, scholarly and spiritually-centered perspective on sexuality, purity and a loving God answers this question with a resounding NO.

This honest and soul-searching exploration is ground-breaking, a must-read for contemporary Christian youth – indeed for everyone, young and old, women and men – seeking to understand and live happily with their sexual selves and religious beliefs without overwhelming guilt and fear.

The result is her game-changing redefinition of purity that shatters Evangelical Christianity’s stranglehold on young believers’ minds and bodies as they make their difficult way toward becoming adults. Certain to ignite heated discussions both pro and con, DAMAGED GOODS brings a breath of fresh air into contemporary Christian beliefs about sex, faith and politics.

Published February 10, 2015, by Jericho Books.