100 Things: My Bucket List


Yesterday, I managed to do something I thought I wouldn't be able to do for another few years. I managed to put a big check mark next to another thing on my "100 Things to Do Before I Die" list: "See Radiohead Live." Radiohead is the only band that appears on this list, and as of Sunday, June 10th, 2012, I have finally joined that "exclusive (okay not really)" group of people who has seen Radiohead live. Even though they didn't play my favorite song (Paranoid Android), it was still the experience of a lifetime. When I mentioned that this was part of my list of "100 Things to Do Before I Die" list on Twitter, several of you expressed interest in seeing the rest of the list. I wrote the list two years ago when I was living in Japan and trying to figure out how to add more adventure to my life. The list has since been revised and updated to remove some things that are no longer dreams of mine/no longer possible, and I've included it below.

The thing I discovered in making such a list is that it's important to dream big, and that to achieve these dreams, I cannot be a passive actor in my own life. I hadn't looked at this list in a while, and it struck me how many of these goals I could be working toward right now to bring into my own life.

Without further adieu, here's my list. What is on yours?

  1. See the Taj Mahal
  2. Go on a Coney Island rollercoaster
  3. Host a beach party (bonfire and all)
  4. Pay for someone else’s groceries
  5. Destroy a car – not in an accident, but manually.
  6. Sleep in an ancient castle
  7. Sleep in an hammock near a river
  8. Eat a fish that’s just been pulled from the water.
  9. Stand on the Cliffs of Moher
  10. Be the first to kiss
  11. Visit Alcatraz
  12. Watch a surgery
  13. Attend Glastonbury
  14. Fall in love.
  15. Visit the Great Wall of China
  16. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  17. See the DMZ
  18. Eat squid
  19. Attend the Olympics
  20. Attend a World Cup (non group stage) game
  21. Write a book
  22. Write for a magazine
  23. Visit Hobbiton in NZ
  24. Be on the Daily Show
  25. Have tea with JK Rowling
  26. Visit all 50 states (27 to go as of June 11, 2012)
  27. Get a photograph published
  28. Pet a Kangaroo
  29. Go swimming with dolphins
  30. Visit Ayers Rock
  31. Be an extra in a movie
  32. Guest host a morning radio show
  33. Visit Cape Horn
  34. Meet David Tennant and make a joke about his TARDIS
  35. Run a long distance race
  36. Rescue an animal
  37. Be a guest at the White House
  38. Learn how to surf
  39. Bungee jump off a very high bridge
  40. Be involved in a protest
  41. Jump off a waterfall
  42. Go skinny dipping, at midnight
  43. Ride a camel in the desert
  44. Race a stranger to the top step of the Lincoln Memorial
  45. Experience weightlessness (for more than the 2 seconds at the top of a rollercoaster)
  46. Sit on the hood of a car in the middle of a field and look at the stars
  47. Drive in a foreign country with opposite roads (from the US)
  48. Get a study abroad scholarship set up in my name
  49. Play BlackJack in Vegas, win, and walk away.
  50. Stand in every single ocean, up to my knees.  Yes, even the Arctic. (2 to go)
  51. See a polar bear in the wild.
  52. Be debt free!
  53. Go on a spending spree in Harrods, London.
  54. Lay out on a beach in Brazil
  55. Climb a glacier
  56. Oktoberfest!
  57.  Visit every European Capital (43 to go…)
  58. Learn how to throw a boomerang
  59. Leave a note on a complete stranger’s car
  60. Read ALL of Shakespeare
  61. Take a vow of silence for a week.
  62. Go Text-less for a year
  63. Test drive a car I can’t afford.
  64. Meet Joseph Gordon-Levitt and give him a hug.
  65. Stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower and dance
  66. Play soccer in a neighborhood league
  67. Write a long letter to a complete stranger, and send it.
  68. Take a wine tasting class
  69. Stand under a waterfall
  70. Go boating on the Amazon
  71. Climb the Pyramids
  72. See Macchu Pichu
  73. Pet a fully-grown tiger
  74. Hug the President
  75. Go to San Diego Comic-Con dressed as Hermione Granger
  76. Attend the Bloomsday Festival in Dublin
  77. Read Ulysses by Joyce
  78. Go to the Wizarding World of Potter
  79. Pet Hemingway’s cats at Key West
  80. Spend the entire day inside a famous bookstore (Powell’s).  Open to close.
  81. Solve a Friday NYTimes Crossword, without [much] help.
  82. Climb a mountain
  83. Memorize “Ulysses” by Tennyson (almost there as June 11, 2012)
  84. Work in a pub for a week
  85. See Radiohead live
  86. Tour Kathmandu
  87. See Stonehenge at dawn
  88. Be one of the first people in the world to greet the New Year – this means NZ at New Year’s.
  89. Get thrown out of a restaurant
  90. Practice radical honesty for one week
  91. Hug a member of the Phelps family (seriously)
  92. Have a drink with Rachel Maddow
  93. Learn how to make crème brulee from scratch
  94. Set foot on every continent (2 to go).
  95. Fly a plane
  96. Invent a recipe good enough to share
  97. Road trip across the US on Route 66.
  98. Get interviewed on NPR
  99. Get quoted in a major newspaper article
  100. Change someone’s life