An Announcement


I’m not a subtle person. Never really have been. Most of you can probably tell by my writing that I tend to be brash, in your face, and unafraid to say what I mean – this doesn’t mean I’m free from nuance, just that I’m not good at holding things in and keeping things secret. Which is why this summer has been fairly hard for me. Every step of this process, I’ve wanted to include all of you, explain why I’ve been a little more absent than usual, and explain why I’ve been looking for guest posts.

So when I saw Sarah Bessey and Elizabeth Esther announce their book deals in sort of sly, subtle ways, I sort of laughed to myself. “I don’t think I’d be able to keep something like that quiet, even just for a short blog post.”

And if you’ve been paying close attention to my social media, you’ll have noticed cracks here and there – me talking about writing and research and word counts, when nothing new was appearing in the blog space.

Yeah, I’m not subtle.

So, I have big news, blog followers: as of this afternoon – as of, y’know, ½ an hour ago – with the ink not even dry on the contract and my hands still shaking a little, I have been offered representation by literary agent Hannah Bowman, of Liza Dawson associates in New York City, for one book and possible future works.

This is not a guarantee of getting a book published, but Hannah and I are confident about this project. And this is a major step forward for this particular young author.

The project is a narrative nonfiction work on Faith and Feminism – it’s about growing up female and Christian in an anti-woman political environment in America. It’s not just my story, but the story of women all around the country. It will be their stories, and the impact on their individual lives, and how anti-woman laws aren’t just bad for us as a country, but bad for individual people, with names and faces and stories.

So that leads me to my second announcement/query: I need interviewees. I’d like to get people from an entire range – young, old, white people, people of color, trans*, bi, straight, lesbian, gay, genderqueer. All I would ask is that you identify as a woman, and that you have some kind of Christian faith background (this does not mean that you are a Christian now, but that you have experience with the church). Please send me an email if you are interested in being a part of this project. Pass this post along to people you think may be interested.

I think that’s all I have for now. I'm just going to listen to this for the rest of the day and quietly celebrate.