"Good Men Project" Clearly Ironic; Posts Rape Porn


[Trigger Warning: descriptions of rape] I have a lot of friends (mostly men) who still read The Good Men Project.

Now I simply have a question, if you are one of them: Why?

Why are you still reading them? What possible good could you be getting out of it that excuses supporting a site that posts misogynistic rape porn?

I honestly want to know how you can defend the name of a place that calls themselves "good men" but posts a pornographic story about a man forcing a drunk teenager to perform oral sex on him and then getting away with it. How can you defend a place that posts anti-woman trash?

The post, posted Tuesday as a part of the Good Men Project's subset, The Moustache Club (but still appearing in the RSS feed for the project itself), is titled "Older Man Provides Booze to an Underage Party, Dad Saves the Day." The reader is then subjected to a lurid, pornographic depiction of a drunk teenager (barely legal!) giving a 26 year old man a blowjob and (forgive the graphic description) gagging and crying while she does so. Only after the rapist "finishes" do the cops show up - they arrest him, but the story makes it clear that they only arrested him to give the appearance of justice. His dad is one of the cops, and says, "That's how I met ya mother!"

The rapist will get away with it. The cops applaud his success. Who, exactly, is being "saved" here?

Certainly not the girl.

So, what are we supposed to get out of this vile, leering, predatory and pornographic short story about rape? That rape culture exists? We certainly didn't need a story that would give rapists a big ol' boner to get that point across. Whatever Bjorklund's thesis was, it is so buried in base and exploitative "erotica" that it is completely indecipherable.

It is porn. Straight up porn about raping a young woman, with a "moral" ending to make it seem like it's giving us a lesson about consent.

Good Men Project did take down the piece, but it is still searchable in Google cache. They took it down quietly, with no apology issued. They clearly think they can just walk away from this.

They can't.

Someone on the editorial team thought this was an okay thing to post. Multiple hands (assuming their editorial process is anything like the multiple online magazines I've worked with) read this over and said, "Okay, let's do it." It was up for nearly a day. It received 8,000 posts on Reddit (since removed). It appeared in RSS feeds (and is still there if you saved the feed). This didn't "fall through the cracks." Multiple people working at the Good Men Project thought this was a good thing to post and promote. And they now think that they escaped all furor over it.

No. I'm raising hell and asking for them to defend what they thought was okay to post. Explain yourselves. Now.

UPDATE: Good Men Project has posted an apology at the original URL. This was posted without any personal contact with me or Ryan (the man who alerted me to its presence). The apology reads.

Editor’s note: The content previously at this URL was grossly offensive and absolutely not representative of the Good Men Project’s values. It was published without the supervision of myself or any other member of the Good Men Project editorial team, and taken down within two hours (from 11:47 PM to 1:38 AM) of being published. We initially took it down completely in the hope that this ugly aberration might simply be erased, but in case anyone received the link via an RSS feed or similar source, we are adding this apology to clarify matters. We sincerely regret the oversight that allowed such a profoundly offensive and tasteless piece to appear, even briefly, under the Good Men Project banner, and offer our apologies.

—Noah Brand, Editor-in-Chief

While it is "regrettable" for them that this posted (mistakenly? Hah), why does a man who writes this stuff still write for GMP? Why is he still allowed to contribute? And if he posted this unilaterally, why does a man like him have administrative posting privileges? And what sort of environment is Good Men Project creating where he would possibly think this is an appropriate thing to post?

An apology is important, yes, but the fact that someone who has posting privileges thought this would be okay material for the site speaks to the environment created by GMP and deserves some deep introspection and change, rather than a shallow, quiet apology.