Happy Making: 4 November


I'm writing this from a hotel in Bradford, England, having met up with my work team yesterday. Today we explored York, which is a lovely city and I had a great time. But what's making me happy this week is, as expected, a trip that has been long overdue, and was exactly what I needed. I arrived in Oxford late Thursday, after some adventures with my flights involving damaged landing gear and blown tires on the runway (upon landing in Amsterdam...scary). I spent most of Friday morning in the city, buying clothes to make up for my delayed luggage, and re-visiting old haunts. In the evening, I had a gloriously awesome dinner with an old friend who is now a scholar in residence at the Kilns, CS Lewis' house. There's something about Oxford that, for me, is a kind of renewal of life for me. Because it was the site of the beginning of some very large changes in my life, being there feels a bit like a fountain of youth - I feel more like myself and very at ease in the city (which is immense for someone with an anxiety disorder, like me).

I know that is not necessarily something you can share in as readers, but do any of you have places like this for you? Places that are sacred to you, that are a second home that you don't get to see very often? How do those places make you happy?