Happy Making! November 18, 2012


Hello All! Last week, I was too tired and jet lagged to put up a post about happy-making, so I apologize for the omission. Had I written last week, I would have said that my happy making thing was being home, with my cat. This week, the happy-making thing is much more pop culture in nature. I finally downloaded the Avett Brothers' September release, "The Carpenter," and am just delighted by it. I've been a fan of the Avett Brothers since I heard "Murder in the City" (from their album "The Second Gleam") in 2009, and "The Carpenter" shows off the breadth and depth of their talent even more.


As the blind music producer in O Brother Where Art Thou? would say, "that's some mighty fine a-pickin' and a-singin'!"

So, readers, what's making YOU happy this week?