2013: A Preview


I don't know much about what this next year holds for me. 2012 was so unpredictable that I've given up trying to guess. When I looked at what I have going on in 2013, I realized I will be spending a monumental amount of time behind the wheel of my little car. It's good thing I know he can take it.* In February, I will turn 27 years old, which seems so young compared to my coworkers and blogging friends. For my 27th, I'm planning on driving back to South Dakota, to see my best friend get fitted for her wedding dress and discuss accessories and shoes and hair and make-up with my fellow bridesmaids.

Sometime in the spring, I plan on taking a vacation to Nashville - it's a good time of year to get behind the wheel and just drive. It will be a meandering week down through the states, with a stops in places that strike my fancy along the way. I'm really looking forward to visiting friends new and old and seeing a part of America I've never seen (have I mentioned that one of my life goals is visiting all fifty states? This will add two more states to the total, which is currently hovering around 30).

In June, the aforementioned best friend gets married and I will be standing up as a bridesmaid in the wedding. It's a beautiful time of year for that part of the state, and it promises to be a great time.

And then, we have the annual work trip. For those of you who don't know, as part of my job, we do an annual conference somewhere around the world with our partners in ministry. My first year (2011) the trip was in Ecuador, which meant that I got to stand on the Equator and try to balance an egg. In 2012, as I mentioned yesterday, we went to England (specifically Bradford, in Yorkshire, which meant I got to see a part of England I hadn't before). And in 2013, our trip is to southeast Asia (I'm unsure if I can specify where just yet, so I'm leaving it vague). I'll be able to say more as the trip comes closer, but it will be an exciting time - though I'm not looking forward to yet another day long trip and jet lag as we cross the International Date Line.

Which reminds me: 2013 also holds renewal of my 10 year old passport, which is nearly full of stamps from countries I have been.

So I guess, in a word, 2013 means travel. Travel to places familiar and places distinctly not. Travel for myself and for others. Travel that will stretch and push my limits in ways I cannot even anticipate. Travel that I will look back on with happiness.

What are YOU looking forward to in 2013?


*My car is a he. His name is Malcolm.