A Monstrous God


[Trigger Warning: graphic description of rape, really godawful rape apologia] We don't know her name or even that much about her.

What we do know is that she was twenty-three years old.

What we do know is that she is a young woman who was simply trying to get home.

What we do know is that she died, sedated but not in peace, in a hospital in Singapore, after a group of men bashed her in the head and shoved an iron rod inside her.

What we do know is that it took this monstrously disastrous event to compel a government to take action, not the thousands of women and children raped on a daily basis through the sex trafficking trade that is rampant in New Dehli, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

A couple of days after this woman's death, I received an anonymous comment on this blog (that was trashed and banned the second I comprehended what it was saying) that did not just imply  but outright stated that rape exists as a corrective to female sin, and that "maybe more women should be raped so they can get good with God."

This unknown woman on a bus in New Dehli was raped because six men decided to rape her. They saw her as a woman out of her sphere, yes; at the heart of it, they hated the fact that she could exist in the same space as them. They hated her.

What possible sin could this woman have committed? In her attackers' minds, her existence was sin enough.

Rape is not the will of some sky-Being to teach us a lesson. I cannot even use "God" in that sentence, because one cannot call such a monstrous creature God. God does not ordain this pain. God does not will that people suffer. God does not hate women. And God does not punish women merely for existing.

It's the rapists who do that.

It's the men who support and apologize for the rapists by mansplaining that "oh, that wasn't rape; it was just sex you didn't want."

It's the journalists who hem and haw and talk about how an 11 year old gang rape victim "acted like she was 20."

It's the mothers who tell nine year old rape victims that no one will want to marry them now.

It's the magazines that plead for us to "hear the rapist's stories" while ignoring the cries of their victims.

It's the culture that gives women ways to "protect themselves" but refuses to teach men that "yes and only yes mean yes."

Evil is not a corrective from God to teach us a lesson. To believe so is to worship a devil.