Happy Making


The first full week of the New Year has come and gone and I've hit the ground running. This week saw the second highest day of traffic this blog has ever seen (the other one being during the Kony 2012 debacle last March) and the announcement of some new series and ideas on the blog. In my personal world, I bought myself a new chair which my cat has now claimed as its own, ordered a bridesmaid dress and proceeded to rant about the wedding industry sizing, and watched several movies in my annual attempt to see the major Oscar contenders before the ceremony in late February (I might succeed this year!).

It's been a busy week.

But what is making me happy this week is a minute long video on Youtube in which Justin Timberlake has announced his "return" to music. In it, he sets forth a really important thesis I think all artists and producers can get behind - he's concerned about adding something to the conversation of popular music that isn't just noise and isn't just there to make money. He's concerned about being good at what he does. That's not a conversation that happens very often in popular culture (think of all the crap we watch that is 'just okay' rather than excellent) and so I'm excited to see what he has to bring to the table.

That, and the part of me that's still a 12 year old 'NSync fan is pretty thrilled, too.

So what's making YOU happy?