Happy Making: January 29th


This week's been a long one, but January is almost over, and one hopes that with it, we'll see the beginning of the end of the single digit temperatures much of the Midwest has been experiencing this week. This has been the coldest winter I've experienced in five years (living in Texas and Japan will do that), so my coping mechanism is to listen to music that makes me want to roll down my window and drive fast down winding highways on sunny days (this music usually gives me a lead foot too, but we won't discuss that). And my new discovery for this is a guy I've been a fan of for years - Owen Thomas, with his solo record, Languages.

Thomas is the former lead singer of The Elms, a band that should have been much bigger than what it was (if you don't believe me, listen to "Nothin' to Do with Love"), and I am thrilled that they are continuing to make music together in different ways (Guitarist Thom Daughtery helped produce this solo effort). Languages has strains of The Elms' rock sensibilities with the first single, "Houdini" (see below) but manages to be fully its own sound and piece by the time it finishes.

It's the break up record I wish I'd had, with a magnificent send-off song ("I Don't Miss Carin'") to the vulnerable plea for mercy/prayer for release from pain ("Tremble"). And it's a record that's making me smile, sing along, think, and most importantly, be happy this week.

What's been making YOU happy?



Photo by Cliff Ritchey. Used with permission.

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