Elsewhere, Synchroblogs, and A Question


Hello all! This Wednesday's post is less substantial than most, but I have good reason for that (I'm hella busy today and have other stuff that I'm working on that I can't quite share yet, basically).

So, first up is the reassurance that you aren't technically without a new post from me - it's just not here! I've got a post this week over at RH Reality Check's Commentary section, about purity culture as rape culture.  I'm pretty darn proud of it.

Second, I want to signal boost a friend's synchroblog (which I, too, will be participating in). With Mark Driscoll's recent (fairly inept) word study about "thou shall not murder," there's been a lot of outcry about how "Jesus was a pacifist." (If you follow me on twitter, you'll notice I responded without using that term). h00die_R asks in this synchroblog that we problematize that discussion - what pacifism looks like for the Christian.

The synchroblog ends November 7th, so you've got a couple of weeks if you want to contribute!

And last! I have a question for you all, my readers. Yesterday on Twitter, I was discussing a recent Christianity Today interview with Denny Burk, in which he discusses "the meaning and purpose of sex." It was same-old-same-old stuff, but that got me thinking - what DOES sex mean? For the Christian, what DOES it mean to have sex that "glorifies God" and how can we problematize that question?

So I'm throwing that to you. Have at it in the comments, and I'll compile the responses into a future post.