#PlanetCCM: A Synchroblog About Culture, Music, and What We Learned

The other week, a few friends and I were discussing the messages we received listening to CCM growing up. And we realized something: some of the popular music? Had really terrible messages and theologies. From Superchick’s “Barlow Girls” to Relient K’s “Mood Rings,” there’s some pretty insidious, foul messages throughout Christianity Contemporary Music, or CCM.

But everyone has had different experiences around CCM, and not all of them are bad. I found a community in the CCM world, and extracting myself from the harmful theologies has often meant casting aside some nostalgic artists that were very important to me at one time or another. So in talking with friends about the influence of CCM on our lives, we decided to do a synchroblog to finish out the year.

So here is our challenge: write a blog post about how CCM affected your life.

Simple as that – you can be critical, you can talk about the good things, or you can do both. We do ask that you think deeply about the ways in which CCM shaped your theologies and your approach to life – how did it change you? In good or bad ways? If you’re out of it now, what do you think of it, looking back? Etc, etc.

Link your posts in the comments of this post or put them on Twitter with the hashtag #PlanetCCM.

On January 2nd, I’ll collect and link the posts together into a master post discussion of CCM.

I look forward to seeing what y’all have to contribute to the discussion of how we see CCM and how we move forward as responsible consumers of religious art.