Announcing the Faith and Feminism Book Club: SPEAK


[trigger warning: rape]

"I have never heard a more eloquent silence."

Melinda can't talk about what happened at the party. All she cares about now is getting through the ninth grade. Outcast, cut off from her friends, having trouble making new ones, Melinda lives day to day, barely able to open her mouth, barely able to even say to herself what happened.

This is the story of author Laurie Halse Anderson's SPEAK, an award-winning Young Adult novel. It is one of my favorite books, and in light of the Steubenville verdict this past Sunday, the parallels between the two cases are undeniable. So I've decided to re-read it. And I would like you to join me. This is a simple, low-key, online only book club, a chance for us to dive in to the same feminist literature, discuss the story and the ideas and the shortcomings and work out what these things mean for us.

And just so it's clear, this book has triggers for rape, eating disorders, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse. Don't try to go beyond limits if this book would be hard for you; self-care is important.

If you want to participate, I'll give you two weeks to find and read the book (this one moves quickly), and on Wednesday, April 3rd, we'll come back together for an open thread of discussion and thoughts and sharing.

If this first one is successful, we can start doing them once a month, eh? It would certainly help me be accountable with the reading I've been neglecting. Leave your suggestions for future books in the comments and click "like" on the suggestions you support so I can get an idea of which ones are popular.

The book is available at every major book store/online retailer, though I'd heartily suggest supporting your local, independently owned bookshops if you have them. Now let's get reading!