Easter Monday: Open Thread


I’ve had a really busy weekend, and unfortunately had no time to get the post put together for this Monday – my apologies on that front! But, in the interest of not leaving you guys in the dust, I thought it worthwhile to do a temperature check of what people would like to see on the blog, especially since my snarky, sarcastic post from last week was one of the most popular I’ve had in awhile.

So, I’m opening up the comment thread below for suggestions, feedback, ideas, etc, about what you, dear readers, want to see more of in this blogging space. Since I like blogging to be a community, a place for interaction and growth and working out the messy issues of life, I’d like some feedback on what you guys want to see more of – more polemics about rape culture? More stuff on modesty culture? More take-downs of bad theology from pastors? More cat pictures?*

And if you don’t feel like talking about those things, tell me about your Easter, if you celebrated! If you didn’t, tell me about the latest cool thing that happened in your life.

Basically, open thread party!

*I always have more cat pictures.

Also: I have a FB page now! Where you can "like" me! Go, do it!

Dianna Anderson