Worth Reading This Week


This week has been a weird one, with lots of things happening and lots of studying being done, which means a lot of reading has not really been happening. I've been spending much of my time reading and learning more about SGM and the vast networks of monied interests it includes, and some of the stuff I've been finding has laid me low with how deep this corruption goes.

My friend TF Charlton had a great piece in Religion Dispatches this week laying out the detail of the problems and connecting it back to authoritarian forms of theology:

At its root, abuse is the harmful exercise of power over others. Submission theology protects the privileges of the powerful; as a result, abuse survivors in submission cultures are not able to fight effectively for support or accountability. It is possible that victim advocacy is inherently impossible in a culture like SGM’s.

And Wartburg Watch did an investigation into Tim Challies' misrepresentation of his relationship to SGM and CJ Mahaney:

Yes, we have Kevin Meath to thank for these 'gospelrific' projects.  Now you know the behind the scenes individual to thank…  As Cruciform Press gets established, you can be sure that they will be cranking out more of these kinds of projects.  Just what we need…
Getting back to Tim Challies, he established himself by riding the coattails of high profile Calvinistas like Mahaney.  Now that he's his own man and 'business' partner of SGM's former editor, he just doesn't want to know that much about the SGM mess.  After all, It's not good 'time management' and besides that, it's not good for 'business'…

These are necessary reads to learn more about the SGM debacle and why big names like Mohler, Piper, and Challies aren't speaking up. Protecting one's own (financial) interests seems to go a long way, even in Christendom. And that is horrific.

Dianna Anderson