Worth Reading This Week


Hello hello! What with the Steubenville verdict coming down on Sunday, it's been a fascinating week for reading about rape culture and how we can move forward. In that vein, I have two of my favorites from this week.

First is a piece from the CS Monitor about how to raise children to respect others' bodies and their consent:

All this is helpful in the present. I’m glad my preschooler has a basic, age-appropriate understanding of respect and consent, even if he doesn’t know those words yet. Everything we do now paves the way for future conversations, and I know that as he approaches adolescence, it will be easier for us to discuss consent and respect with him.

And second, there's this piece on questions to ask rape apologists (warning: some ableist language):

4. At what point does a woman's outfit cross the line from "modest" to "asking for it"? Should we take rulers to parties to measure skirt length? Is one inch above the knee the equivalent of consent? Two inches? Three, four, five, six? What about necklines? How much cleavage is consent? Then there's the thorny issue of slutty, slutty shorts. Does wearing hot pants mean consent but not sensible, knee-length hiking shorts? How about a test of tightness for tops? Should promising young footballers consider a woman in a spandex top as consenting but not a woman in baggy T-shirt? What if she is wearing a baggy T-shirt with a short skirt? Honestly, this is a minefield...

Last, not to be entirely self-promotional, but this is my space, in case you missed it, I wrote a primer on Rape Culture and Victim Blaming for Rachel Held Evans this week.