Feminist Book Club: SPEAK Discussion

Hello all! Two weeks ago, I suggested that we read SPEAK by Laure Halse Anderson together, in light of the Steubenville trial. Today, I'm opening up the comment thread below to discuss the book, and I'll start with a few questions (taken shamelessly from the discussion guide at the back of my edition).

  1. Is there a relationship between speaking and listening? Can one exist without the other?
  2. Discuss the social hierarchy at Merryweather High. What role does the concept of identity play? Why is belonging to one of the clans so important to Heath and so unimportant to Melinda?
  3. In Rachel and Melinda's written conversation in the library, why do you think Rachel doesn't believe Melinda?

Basically, how do you see rape culture playing out in Melinda's story?

Thanks for reading and participating!

Dianna Anderson