This Week, Y'all

Ugh, right?

Here, let's start this right. Have a cat in a shark costume, riding a roomba, chasing a duckling (Gif).

There. Feel better?

It's been an unexpectedly heavy week. Bombings in Boston, plant explosions in West, TX, and yesterday, the road leading out of my apartment complex looked like this:


(And it's much worse elsewhere - apparently the string of suburbs I live in is part of a section that was hardest hit by the flash floods happening Thursday).

And this is just what's happening in America. Elsewhere in the world there are earthquakes, still more bombings, and all sorts of tragedies that make up chunks of the human experience.

When we have weeks like this, I find that it's important to remind ourselves of the good, happy things in life. So, taking a leaf from my friend Jessica Luther's book (or stealing blatantly), I thought it would be good to discuss good things going on in our lives - happy making on Friday instead of Sunday.

So let's concentrate on the good things. What good things are in your life today?

Dianna Anderson