Housekeeping Notes


I apologize for my silence over the past week and a half. It's been a rollercoaster of events, and I'm just now hitting an even keel and getting back into a position where writing seems like a reasonable prospect.

You'll notice a couple of changes with the site - I've had some recent shifts in my life that I prefer not to talk about, but as a result I have added a "Donate" page up at the top. That's part of my goal to keep the site advertisement free, though you'll notice some ads appearing below the Disqus comments. I thought those would be able to make me a little extra cash while being as unobtrusive as possible.

Because the Disqus thing is random, though, I can't guarantee that what appears is always appropriate or content I'd necessarily agree with, so I'm asking you to help me with the policing of that - if you see an article being promo'd there that is wildly inappropriate or inconsistent with site ideals, tell me the parent site (for example, eHow) and I can blacklist it.

Thank you for your understanding and your grace with me during this time. Rest assured, I do have some very happy things happening, and am going full-steam ahead in the book-writing process. I hope to be able to post some sample sections from chapters over the summer months, so you can get a taste for the direction the book is going.

I appreciate your readership and your patience with me during this time. I plan to have new posts up starting on Monday again. Thank you.