Call for Interview Subjects, Part Two


A year ago, I signed with my agent and requested interview subjects for my books. I got 75 responses in that first week, and ultimately about 45 actual interview subjects. Which was awesome.

However, as I began to write the book, I noticed some gaps in my research, particularly in some intersectional ways. This is due to my initial interview questions not being broad enough, and some last minute changes to the book that were not covered in the initial interview set. This was a failure in planning on my part, and I apologize for that.

As it is, I’m in need of some more interview subjects. This will be a different set of questions than the last go-round, specifically focused on disabilities, fat-shaming, racism, and the male experience of purity culture. If any of these is part of your experience within the American evangelical purity movement, shoot me an email through the contact form. I will send you the new set of questions within the week.

All interviews will be anonymous and pseudonyms will be used for the book, as well as masking of identifying details and information.

There is a deadline on this – I want to have all interviews back to me by September 1st. I’m going to be editing and revising all through August, and I need to be able to read interviews and incorporate them in a quickly organized manner. So please send your information by August 5th, and I’ll have the questions to you promptly.

Thank you for your contributions and support so far – it’s you readers who are making this book happen.

UPDATE: Squarespace appears to be having massive issues with the functioning of the contact form, and I can't reach them to fix it. My sincere apologies for that - it's out of my control. You can also send your emails to dianna e anderson @ (It's the blog name at gmail, no spaces or underscores).