October Theme: Masculinity and Purity Culture

One thing that comes up a lot in the discussion of purity culture is the treatment of men and how they are trained to view women as objects. A lot of the discussion tends to focus (rightly, in my opinion) on the impact this has women who grow up in the culture and what it means for our lives as sexual beings.

But men don’t get out of this culture unscathed – they just end up with a different kind of impact than women. Purity culture privileges men in such a way that many see no problem with the accompanying gender roles and conceptions of the male mind because such thoughts preserve their privilege as cisgender men.

So for the rest of the month of October, we’re going to discuss this concept of masculinity within purity culture. Who are the main perpetrators of such views? What does purity culture have to say about men? How do these views privilege and reinforce existing privileges in society? How can men work to combat purity culture thinking in their own lives?

Stay tuned!