Hey Is For Horses: A Dating Series

So a couple of weeks ago, I checked my email and saw I had a new message on OkCupid. I sighed and went to check it and discovered, to my surprise, that it was my Twitter friend Emmy Kegler. Emmy lives in the Twin Cities area, so it’s not actually a surprise that I popped up on her OkCupid radar. After some friendly back and forth, one of us commented, “Wouldn’t this make a great blog series? How Not to Date a Lady or something.”

And this November series was born. Pulling from our own dating experiences, both in online dating and offline, Emmy and I are going to spend the month of November talking about dating foibles and failures and creating a guide for people of all sexualities and genders to approach other people to pursue romantical intentions. Emmy and I will be posting simultaneously on our blogs about our varying experiences in dating, loosely structured around a set of topics for each day. She is approaching the topic as a woman who likes women exclusively and I am approaching it from the position of a bisexual woman who primarily dates men.

With our varying (and often hilarious) experiences, this promises to be a good month. We’re looking forward to spending the month discussing these topics with you. We’ll be covering everything from how to construct a dating profile to how to act on your first date to how to take rejection like the adult you are. So we’ll be returning on the 7th on our respective blogs (and linking back to each other) with a post on How to Construct Your Dating Profile.

Let’s do this!