Summer on the Blog: Feminism 101, Ask Away Wednesdays, and More!

Hello readers! Tomorrow is the last day of school in the Sioux Falls area and graduation photos have been dotting my facebook feed. For me, this means it’s time to roll out some announcements and coming themes for the blog. As it’s summer and a lot of people have more time and more vacations, I’m going to theme each month around an idea, and solicit guest posts for part of the summer.

I’m also going to implement some new weekly features on the blog.

Ask Away Wednesdays:

Let’s face it: Wednesdays kind of suck. It’s just far enough away from Monday to give us hope, but not close enough to Friday for that hope to be realistic. So I’m going to try and win back Wednesdays with a weekly Q and A over on Tumblr. My ask-box will be open for questions and thoughts and resource recommendations. There will also be a post here on the blog if you want to discuss with other readers.

Some weeks will be themed around certain topics and ideas; others will be a free for all. I’ll take some suggestions on Twitter and put together a schedule.

May: Back to Basics

For the rest of May, we’re going to spend some time returning to Feminism 101. We’ll be going back and covering topics of gender identity, what feminism’s different waves are, what intersectionality means, and what are some basic elements of a Christian feminist ideology.

June: Church, Community, and Gender

I come at church politics and Christian ideas with a lot of baggage and a lot of assumptions about how the church should function. I want June to be a month for exploring the fringes of theologies. I’ve mentioned liberation theology and the importance of what liberation means, but I’ve not put that in the context of an anti-oppression framework and explained it specifically on the blog. So we’re going to spend some time discussing that.

July: Guest Post Opportunities!

A lot of us have stories to share – and if there’s one idea that undergirds my book, it’s that the different stories we have to tell are valuable and important.

So here’s where you come in – I want your posts. It doesn’t have to be a fully formed essay with a wider thesis. Your story alone can achieve that. I want to hear what you have to say. Email me through the contact form or use the submit button on my Tumblr and send me your story, your experiences with purity culture. I want to hear from you.

August: Femininity, Masculinity, and Queerness

One of the topics that is very important to me and also to the project of Christianity in America right now is the concept of Queerness. As a queer woman myself, exploring and creating a queer theology is extremely important. Theology doesn’t have to sit within the traditions set up for us by straight, cisgender people – we can create our own. This is the driving force behind my friend Fr. Shay’s Queer Theology blog and the Spit and Spirit magazine.

So in August, we’re going to explore the project of queer theology as it pertains to women and our identities. Womanhood and queerness are not mutually exclusive categories, and I’d like to spend some time exploring what that queerness means in the context of the American Christian church – a church where we’re still battling for women to be seen as spiritual authorities.

I’m looking forward to a summer exploring these ideas with you, my readers! I'm definitely looking forward to it, and I'm glad you all are along for the ride!