Introduction to Praxis

For someone deeply involved in theory and the academic side of social justice movements, it can be hard to extract that out and make it a part of daily life. It can be hard to move from the head to the heart, to use Christian speak. What do power dynamics look like when acted out in an every day conversation? What does it look like to give of yourself and set boundaries at the same time?

These are the questions we have to answer if we’re going to move forward in enacting real, loving, socially aware, justice-minded ethics throughout our lives. In order to develop and stick by our sexual ethics in particular, we have to move from simply making a declaration about something to actually living it out in our daily interactions with others.

So for the month of September, this is going to be our theme: praxis. What does a solid praxis look like when it lines up with ideology? What does life become when you begin the daily, disciplined practice of living out your theology? How does your world change?