Preorder, Elsewhere, and Updates

It’s been a busy week here in the Faith and Feminism world! If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll have noticed I had two articles out this week in places other than the blog.

One is at The Frisky (slightly NSFW website outside my article) about how the loss of my virginity outside of a marriage relationship actually strengthened my faith:

Sex liberated me from my puritanical judgment and strict ideas about what’s right and wrong. It taught me to meet people where they are – just as Jesus did – and in that way, it became a different kind of sacrament. I judge people less now. I don’t wrap my faith up in whether or not I’m performing the rules in the right way. And I understand God’s love for God’s people on a deeper, more personal level than ever before.

You can read the article here.

My second article is with my friends at RH Reality Check, about the house of cards evangelicals have built upon a fixed gender binary:

This series of assumptions is at the root of the evangelical fear of both marriage equality and transgender acceptance. The cultural hegemony that conservative Christian culture enjoyed for barely a generation is eroding, and with it the power evangelicals had to adapt the world to their whims. The very existence of gender outside a binary puts fear in the hearts of evangelicals because their narrow theology is dependent upon them: male and female, good and evil, heaven and hell. But since the Bible doesn’t speak directly to the topic—the most we see is discussion of eunuchs—evangelicals must figure out a way to make transgender identity a sin of sexuality, forever muddying and confusing the issue.

You can read that one over here.

And last, but perhaps most importantly: my book is on preorder! Simply click “Damaged Goods” at the top of the screen here and find your way to at least four different places you can order it from! Or check with your local bookstore about ordering a copy in there.

We’ll resume the Practical Praxis series on Monday with a discussion of power and kindness, prompted by some thoughts and discussions I’ve been having with some friends.