Chaos In the Anderson Household: An Update

Hello dear readers and friends!

As you know, I usually try to post on the blog on a MWF schedule, allowing consistency both to my writing routine and for my readers.

Unfortunately, this schedule is going to have to change sooner than I'd anticipated, as my life is quickly becoming more and more chaotic as I plan to leave the country in just over a month. And, I'll be honest, I'm burning the candle at both ends right now, trying to scrape together the money I need to survive until my loans come in and to pay for my flight and my current bills so I'm completely up to date when I leave.

This week, in particular, is a tough one. I'll be hearing the final decision on my visa, probably by Thursday, and I'm irrationally terrified that I'm going to be rejected and will have to scramble to figure out my Plan B, which I don't really have right now.

So, with the knowledge of everything that's coming and everything I have yet to do, I've decided to pare down my blog posts to once a week. This will allow me time to still write and still connect with my readers without feeling like I'm failing them by not posting on my regular schedule. This means, if you've pledged with me on Patreon, that your monthly charge will go down a bit. This means, also, that I will hopefully be able to put together better quality, better researched articles for you, both here and in my freelance work.

I deeply appreciate all of your help in fulfilling this dream to attend Oxford as a full time student and to get a degree from an institution I've fallen in love with. I just hope the UK Home Office agrees that I should be let into the country to go there.

Again, if you want to help me out, my Target registry is here or you can donate using the button sidebar on the right. I've written a short breakdown of costs/expenses I'll have to cover in my first three weeks in Oxford before my loans kick in and approximately how much I'll need to cover that transitional gap. Thank you all so much for your generosity so far and your understanding of this situation.