Help a Trans Person Affirm Their the Name of Mike Pence

In one month from today, I will turn 32 years old. It's still weird for me to think of myself as "early 30s," but I'm pretty happy with where life has put me at this time in my life.

And I decided this year, rather than asking for presents or doing an expensive night out on the town, I'm going to ask you to donate what you can to help out an important cause here in Minnesota.

The Trump Administration recently created "religious liberty" protections that allow doctors to refuse to help patients who need abortion care, birth control, gender confirmation surgery, hormone therapy for gender dysmorphia, or even regular care if the doctor simply objects to the patient's sexual orientation. This is unconscionably  horrific, and I hope it will be struck down by the courts soon.

But in the meantime, we have LGBT family who need access to ongoing medical care. One of the great organizations doing this work nowadays is the Family Tree Clinic here in Minneapolis, MN. The clinic is a sliding scale non-profit health clinic dedicated to helping LGBT citizens in need around the metro area. They offer hormone therapy, comprehensive birth control and gynecological care, free rapid HIV testing, some limited primary care services, and numerous other services vital to the health care of LGBT youth.

So why am I talking about this a full month before my birthday?

Because I have a big goal here. According to Family Tree Clinic's donation guide, $12 gets one urinary pregnancy test, $16 gets a month of masculinizing hormones, $21 covers the cost of a chalmydia treatment, $36 covers a month of feminizing hormones, $56 covers one hour of hotline services, $83 provides one patient access to care, and $109 covers an hour of sexual health education for local teens.

I want to raise $1000.

That's 10 hours of sex ed.

9 patients granted access.

20 hours on the hotline.

Almost 28 full months of feminizing hormones

48 chlamydia treatments.

63 months of masculinizing hormones.

Or 84 pregnancy tests.

And here's the kicker: I want you to do this in Mike Pence's name.

When you make the donation on Family Tree Clinic's site, you can mark your donation as being "In Honor of [Name]." I want you to check the box saying to send acknowledgement by mail, and put Mike Pence's mailing address in there: 

Mike Pence
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500

Once you've done that, shoot me a tweet or an email with a screenshot of your donation and the amount so I can track our goals. I will update regularly via twitter and will keep the latest update on the fundraiser as a pinned tweet, so you never have to search for it.

I'm happy with where my life is, so I want to use my 32nd year of life on this earth giving back as much as I can, and I'd love to have you along for the ride. Please consider donating to help a queer person live their life, healthy and happy.


Dianna Anderson