Happy Making and House-Keeping


If you follow me on Twitter, you know that yesterday, I spent 10 hours in a car driving from Chicagoland all the way back to South Dakota for my first vacation this year (Wisconsin never ends...). So, fairly obviously, what's making me happy this week is seeing my parents for the first time in seven months and looking forward to seeing some friends I haven't seen in forever, too! I'm sorry that's not something I can necessarily share with you all, but you can share what's making YOU happy this week in the comments!

Housekeeping notes: You probably noticed quite a few more posts this past week than usual - I did that because I wanted to get things up prior to vacation because I have a ton of other writing projects to catch up on. Next week, we'll be back on the normal SMWF schedule. If I have time to post this week, I will (I expect I will have something on Wednesday). Apologies for the funky schedule - vacations kind of mess with my timing!

Thanks for reading!

(Above photo taken somewhere in Minnesota).