Things I Never Knew About Myself:


Apparently I am an elderly man who is "upset" the majority of the time.


Let me explain.


A friend pointed me to a website logarithm where, after you plugged in the website of your choice, it will analyze the writing and tell you the age, gender, and general mood of the writing.


My friend, a 30-something man who blogs about politics and popular culture, was told that his site indicates that he is a female between 66-100 years old, and that his writing style is happy most of the time. For him, it really couldn’t have been more wrong.


I got curious and used the site to check this blog – what would it tell me about myself?


Apparently, I am a male, between the ages of 66-100, whose tone is personal and “upset.”


Um. Wait. What?


The thing that piqued my interest the most was the gendering of the writing – in a culture where students are raised on a steady diet of male writers, and written works by males are, even now, overwhelmingly favored as “real” literature as opposed to fluff, should it be any wonder that assertiveness, persuasiveness, and discussion of current events should be read as male?


So the inspiration for a new series has been born! This series will be two parts: 1. On literature in schools, and 2. On female representation in Young Adult (YA) literature.


I’d like your input in the comments, here, as always, before the series begins: What books do you remember reading in your lit classes in high school? You can just give me titles/authors – you don’t have to make any big bold observations. I'd like to know - what do you remember being taught?


Ready, set, comment!