Friday Finds

I'm starting a new feature on this blog because my Facebook friends are probably tired of me posting multiple links a day. It's called "FRIDAY FINDS!"  

Each Friday, I'll post links to articles I've been reading throughout the week. This will give you some more information to read, some interesting perspectives to consider, and, occasionally, a cute cat video to go "awwww" over.


Without further ado, here are your links for the inaugaral FRIDAY FINDS!


1. A blog post about "Imaginary Feminism" and what Feminism isn't.


2. How sexism hurts men. If you read only one of these articles, let it be this one.


3. An interesting reflection on Oprah's last show, from fellow blogger Matthew Paul Turner.


4. Vanity Fair's massive and popular piece about sex trafficking in the United States. A must read.


5. "Accusing the Accuser" - An analysis of the media response to Dominique Strauss-Kahn's rape case in NYC.


6.  A short NYT piece about a brothel raid in India.


7. About how one high profile rape case is making others come out of the woodwork in France.


8. Did you hear about Elizabeth Warren's "oh snap" moment this week? Well now you have.


9. The GOP is alienating what could have been a great voting block. Oops?


10. Toward a better definition of Biblical Womanhood. Rachel Held Evans leads the charge.


And, as promised, a cat video. Wait for it...