Absurd Sexism Moment of the Week

What a lucky week for you! You get two new weekly features in the row! On Saturdays, I'll be posting my "Absurd Sexism Moment of the Week." This could be things that happened to my friends, stories from the national news, or a cartoon or comment in a TV show I happened across. It serves to 1. Highlight the way sexism is still, y'know, an actual, every day, occurrence. and 2. Serve as a reminder that sexism is frequently really, really strange and silly.  

This week's inaugural post comes to you from the blogging world! I have a friend who blogs about food and photography, and posts bunches of her own photos to accompany her recipes. She, like me, has her email readily available on her site, so she occasionally gets strange emails. This one, however, takes the cake (pun intended). With the simple subject of "gender," this was the entire content of the email:


i think that you are lying on your blog. you are really a man. you only use Brown and Blue colors in your photographs no Pink or Purple or yellow. girls naturally use those colors not blue. you should Fess up and tell the world the truth.


This was my face upon reading that email:



(It's kind of amazing how often I get that look on my face)


So there you have it! Girls, especially those who are photographers, should only photograph in pink, purple and yellow, even if they are photographing BAKED GOODS, which do not naturally come in those colors.