Friday Finds for June 3

Fun find:


I'm not a big folk/country fan, but if you haven't listened to The Civil Wars yet, you are living under a rock. Their album is available on iTunes.


Now for your reads:


1. Author I've never heard of claims that all women write "feminine tosh." Collective world of female writers goes, "What?"


2. Jezebel puts out what just might be my favorite headline ever.


3. A friend of mine who goes to Vassar and is bursting with talent is helping put out this arts-focused internet magazine, The Narrator. Go. Read. It.


4. Ignoring the fact that David Foster Wallace looks like Jason Sudekis after he's been unemployed for a little while, his 2005 address to Kenyon College is always worth another read.


5. Here's another column on Oprah, this time about her theology of suffering.


6. Rolling Stone, not exactly known for hard-hitting journalism, has been getting into the game a bit more in recent years. This month's issue has an incendiary article about Fox News head Roger Ailes. Though the article is clearly biased and isn't going to win any friends with Fox News viewers, it does have a lot of interesting and important things to say about propaganda and the public sphere.


7. Want to write a book? Here's 23 authors giving practical advice.


8. And finally, good news of the week: Psychology Today is owning up to their mistakes and tightening standards on their blog posts, after an author was allowed to publish a blog on a study claiming that black women are objectively less attractive. Yeah, clearly, this man has never seen Rihanna, Beyonce, or Michelle Obama.