Absurd Sexism Moment of the Week: Language Warning

June 4, 2011! (It's June ALREADY?)  

So I like to read a lot of blogs. What can I say? I'm a blogger.


I was reading this blog entry earlier today on how men need to stop telling women their experiences of sexual harassment are either not as big of deals as they make them out to be (ie, my cat-calling post), that it's all in our imagination, or that we're lying about it intentionally because we hate men.


The second comment on the piece wins my Absurd Sexism of the Week award. And I'll warn you, there is a bit of language, which I've protected you from with the help of an asterisk*:


A small percentage of women are harassed in such ways, and you know it. You’re just trying to get some cred since a geek like yourself couldn’t get a woman any way else. How bout you shut the f*ck up.


[caption id="attachment_285" align="aligncenter" width="247" caption="The Doctor is completely nonplussed."][/caption]



Um, thanks for providing us with an example of exactly what we were saying NOT to do, buddy boy.


And that's your ASMOW! Remember, send me submissions and stories of things that have happened in your life that are completely, absurdly, sexist.


*This is a joke. Also, if Kurt Vonnegut hadn't already made terrible jokes involving asterisks, I'd probably make some more here.