Friday Finds!

Since this blog was kind of quiet this week, I've found a bunch of articles related to the most common area of discussion this week - YA Lit! The following are a bunch of responses to the original WSJ incendiary piece, and responses to the responses. There are a lot of them, so you can sort of have your pick.  


1. This was my favorite response to Gurdon's original article, from the YA author Sherman Alexie, whose book, Diary of a Part-time Indian, was one of those singled out by Gurdon as being "unsuitable for children."


2. This one is a humorous take on banned books - recommending which "unsuitable" books one should read as a teen.


3. Cheryl Rainfeld, author of the semi-autobiographical book Scars, wrote this response.


4. This article from Global Comment puts the #YASaves in context - why your kids may not need the novel, but someone else does.


5. Maureen Johnson, author who helped start off this whole discussion and inspired my post from earlier this week, wrote this piece for The Guardian in the UK.


6. Laurie Halse Anderson, author of Speak (one of my favorite works of YA Lit), wrote this as a response on her personal blog.


And here, we move on to other articles of interest - interviews, interesting perspectives, and some of the week's news.


7. Here's an interview with Aaron Weiss, the lead singer of the band mewithoutYou, opining on various interesting topics.


8. Sojourners had an excellent article on complementarianism, which is a topic I'll probably be covering on this blog more in depth in the next few months.


9. Here's another topic I've covered a little bit before - universalism - and a take on the intersection between evangelicalism and universalism.


10. And last: an article from GOOD magazine on why men should join the Slutwalk.