Slouching Toward Resolution

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Finally, the last of the series! This last two points were so ridiculous I didn't even know if I wanted to bother responding. But, in the interest of finishing what I started, I've said a few words, even though they weren't really worthy of giving a response.


Number 13.

…you’re a misandrist.


If you’re wondering why that word has a little squiggly line appearing under it, there’s a good reason: it’s not a really a word. Well, it is, by the strict means of “misandry” does appear in the dictionary, but it’s not in common enough usage for it to be recognized even by most spell-checkers. It’s not in common usage, and with good reason.


“Misandry” is the companion word to misogyny. “Gyn” is the root that means female; “and” is the root that means male. Think of the word ANDroGYNous. Appearing between male and female. “Misandry,” then, means hatred of men.


So this is a fancy way of phrasing the old, tired, frustratingly dull argument that “feminists are man-haters.”


Right. That’s why so many of us have boyfriends. That’s why so many of us have best friends who are guys. That’s why so many of us have gotten married.


Here, you make the exact same mistake you accused feminists of making – ignoring an argument in favor of going for an epithet. Regardless of prior arguments or legitimacy of debate, you say “You’re a misandrist” and sit back on your heels while you wait for your “wisdom” in assessing the situation to sink in. Beautiful, just beautiful. If we are not allowed to call you misogynist, you are not allowed to call us misandrist. If you are truly concerned about civil debate, as I am, you would not stoop to this level. Frankly, the fact that you bothered to make this list at all indicates that you really only care about “insults” when they’re directed at you, which is pretty shameful and cowardly.


I feel sorry for you.



[caption id="attachment_375" align="aligncenter" width="247" caption="Yes, that was an intentional Potter reference."][/caption]



Number 14.

…you ignore everything above in favor of making personal attacks on the author of this piece. Truth hurts, doesn’t it, feminazis?


Actually, no. Thanks for the presumption, though! As you can see through this seven part series, it is possible for a feminist to respond to your points (which you claim are directed solely at feminazis, but reflect basic arguments used against feminism as a whole) without falling back on tired repetitive arguments of privilege. Game set match, Mr. X.


Truth hurts, doesn’t it?