Friday Finds

1. Our military has a problem. And it's not all that gay sex those soldiers are having now that they're allowed to come out of the closet, nor the billions of dollars its been getting to shoot at civilians. No, it's rape. Mother Jones did the mother of all pieces on the military and its rape problem - the reporting rate for rape is far, far below that of the national average because the support for victims is virtually nil.


2. What did Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, REALLY say about infanticide? The answer may surprise you. (Note: this source is Catholic and, as near as I can tell, pro-life, so check it out before you scream bias).


3. This NYT editorial from David Brooks spawned a million commentaries all over the web. It's worth a read, though it's not exactly focused on gender issues. And of course, any time someone mentions David Brooks, this picture must make an appearance:



4. Here's some great and short advice from Not For Sale about how we can work daily to combat human trafficking.


5. The Village Voice, in the past couple of weeks, has been attacking Ashton Kutcher over his DNA Foundation, which works to combat the sex trafficking of underage girls. Here's Kutcher's long response. It is well worth a read.


6. And our friends over at Jezebel have a great breakdown of the status of women worldwide. It's not a pretty picture.


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