Friday Finds

Today is a busy day for me (as is this entire next week), so I'm going to take the weekend off (except possibly posting an Absurd Sexism of the Week tomorrow). I will see all of you on Monday (with your homework done and your textbooks out...kidding...).  

I don't have a whole lot to share this week, as it's been a pretty busy week and most of my bookmarks are Driscoll-related, which even I am beginning to get sick of. So here goes:


1. In light of the DSK crap and the Casey Anthony verdict and the dropping of the case of Jamie Leigh Jones, Slate had a good piece on why trial by jury is still a good system, despite the fact that most juries are morons.


2. I stumbled across this article from the New Yorker back in 2008 about the split between how different politically and religiously affiliated groups handle the news of teen pregnancy. It's an interesting read, at the very least.


3. This is a really funny story about how a reporter ended up watching the interestingly-titled documentary about Sarah Palin, The Undefeated, in a nearly empty theater at midnight. I love the Atlantic.


4. Alternet did a good piece on American attitudes toward sex. No pearl-clutching here!


5. Here's an explainer for men who want to be feminists but act in a way that undermines their philosophy. It's a good read, even though I don't necessarily agree with everything the author says.


My last item is a song that's been stuck in my head all week, and as most of you are probably familiar with the Peter Gabriel version that played on Scrubs but not with the beautiful and better original version by The Magnetic Fields, here you are: