Friday Finds

In the midst of the heat (seriously, it's bad out here!) and smog in Chicago, I've found some time to relax and compile this week's "Friday Finds" list!  

1. This is the first time I've ever seen any respectable newspaper/magazine/source use giant, 24 point font, in the middle of an article. It's surprising, but not an inappropriate response considering the mother of all false equivalence that Fox News' "expert" tried to pull off.


2. Harry Potter has come up A LOT throughout this trip to Chicago, so it only seems appropriate to link to an article exploring the Jewish concept of Messiah and its connection to the Harry Potter saga.


3. When Exodus International asks you to apologize over a gay-bashing comment, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. "It" being EVERYTHING.


4.  Here's a great article on a pizza and discussion club focused on getting teenage boys to re-imagine how they approach and respect women. Round of applause for people who are realizing it's the attitudes we cultivate that lead to rape and sexism, and that these attitudes CAN BE CHANGED.


5.  Driscoll related posts of the week: Drew Dixon over at Christ and Pop Culture had a good article deconstructing the Driscoll affair, and Bethany over at Think Christian has a good breakdown of the crap Driscoll spewed.


6. I've been asked a lot about this in recent days, but Jesse Lawson, founding member of Lawsonry, one of the feminist blogs I follow, did a great article on "Can a Man Be a Feminist?" Answer: Yes, but only if you recognize the unique position being a man puts you in.


Video of the week: I've been enchanted by Mumford and Sons for a while now, and this song just, ugh, blows my mind. From the alliteration in the first few lines to the universal but somehow not clichéd maxim in the chorus, I cannot get enough of "Winter Winds." Also: Beards.