Friday Finds

I am amazed I've gotten through this feature so far without a Rebecca Black reference. Does that one count? Oops.  

On to this week's links!


1. I put this post from JNNPR on facebook with the comment: "If I could give Matthew Paul Turner a hug right now, I would." And it's totally true, but we'll have to settle for me cheering and fist pumping in my empty house instead. Regular readers will know I've covered the modesty issue multiple times, and MPT hits the nail on the head. I'm glad he's exposing (pun intended) to the dark side of modesty teachings.


2. Greg Carey wrote a fantastic blog for the Huffington Post about masculinity and Christianity. To think, a few small bloggers have sparked a nationwide discussion!


3. Are you reading YA Lit? You should be. This (rather long but good) post says it all.


4. Good religion blog on CNN on why Evangelicals should stop "evangelizing." Great food for thought.


5. And Alva Noe over at NPR says everything I've been saying about gender and more.


And our video for the week is from my favorite bloggers, the vlogbrothers - John and Hank Green. This video contains some mild language, but it's a great rant and amused me immensely this week.