Friday Finds!

Site note: It's August. Things are boring online in August because everyone's off doing other exciting stuff, and I am no exception. Starting Sunday, I'm going to be in a remote part of the U-P of Michigan for 10 days, on a last-minute vacation that I'm super stoked about. No electricity, cooking on a camp fire, and spending a lot of time reading, playing board games, and writing by hand.  

Needless to say: The blog won't be updated in that time, as it was so last-minute I don't exactly have time to arrange guest posts. I apologize for the suddenness, but in the meantime, here are your Friday Finds to give you some interesting reading over the time that I'm gone.


1. Can a woman rape a man? Salon writer Tracy Clark-Flory answers Yes.


2. Being Colorblind: Why? Chris Lahr over at Red Letter Christians examines the idea.



3. This week, Marvel Comics revealed that they are releasing an alternate universe Spiderman character who is half-black, half-Hispanic, named Miles Morales. People who had never given a thought to Peter Parker's race suddenly decided that his whiteness was the most important thing about him and you can't change that you PC Nazis!! Arrrgh! Luckily, there are a lot of great writers on the internet to respond to that, and my friend Jason, who is a comic book/graphic novel writer out in the DC area, linked me to this brilliant blog post about the importance of Morales as a character and as a figure in the comic book world.


4. Chris Lahr also posted this examination of "The Melting Pot." Newsflash: America is not a melting pot. And Racism is still a major problem.


5. And finally, a brilliant exercise in making sure that we recognize that other people have narratives and we merely intersect in those narratives for a moment.


And your video for the week: British Vlogger Alex Day and his friend Liam explore WalMart, a store I haven't been inside (with one exception, and I didn't buy anything) in five years.