Friday Finds


Again, apologies for the silence. I've had a lot of personal stuff come up these past couple of weeks, and am just now getting back into the swing of actually writing things. Thanks for sticking by me!  

So, Friday Finds:


1. This is why women are afraid to say no. (And I feel the need to clarify for my fainthearted mother and other caring and excitable readers, the incident in Chicago that is mentioned is not near me. South Chicago is not the same as the South suburbs, the latter of which is where I am.)


2. Think abstinence only education works? Think again. I'll be addressing this issue in an upcoming blog post.


3. Navigating the world of gender presentation and how we perceive others. It's harder than you think.


4. Thinking about the problem of objectifying women and making them feel unsafe at Occupy Wall Street? Feministe has got you covered.


5. Interested in seeing how the ridiculous things Mark Driscoll says (such as the idea that a man masturbating in front of a mirror is participating in a homosexual act) are perceived by the non-believing world? Feministe has got you covered on that, too. And it's not pretty.


Alright, that's it for this week. Thanks for sticking with me, ladies and gents. I'll leave you with this gorgeous song by a friend of a friend, Erin Rae. I hope someday soon I can have as much grace and forgiveness as this song suggests.

Friday FindsDianna Anderson