My apologies for not having a post up yesterday - it's unfortunately saved on my work computer, and I forgot to email it to myself. D'oh!  

On Saturdays, I'm going to be doing guest posts, so if you would like to contribute, shoot me an email or tweet or comment or carrier pigeon or whatever suits your fancy (though, carrier pigeon might not be received so well).


Today I opened up Twitter to discover several friends participating in a hashtag - #FeministWishList. There's a lot to be said for the way that the internet brings otherwise dispersed communities together, both good and bad. While the internet has made it more possible for Men's Right's Activists to get their message disseminated, it's also made it a lot easier for women to be heartened and encouraged by fellow feminists.


So I decided that, in lieu of an actual post today, I'd just post screenshots of some of my favorite tweets from the Feminist Wish List.


Click through to read some of the tweets!









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