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It may be a little sneaky of me, but instead of writing up a new entry every single day (which takes a lot of effort and time), I’m going to stick with, on Fridays and Saturdays, doing something that doesn’t require a lot of work from me. Fridays will continue to be “Friday Finds!” for all of you, and Saturdays will be some guest posts (if you wish to volunteer to do a guest post, please email me).


Now, without further ado, your Friday Finds! (It should be noted that I do not necessarily agree with everything in these articles – they’re just what I’ve been reading throughout the week).


  1. This post is a bit too quick and dirty for the utterly HUGE subject it’s covering, but it brings to mind a few things I’ve mentioned before – the church as a marriage factory. I’ve spent longer as a single person in the church than I ever have in a relationship, so forgive me for a little fist-pumping action as he says, “Churches are downright evil to singles. They are treated as freaks. Spiritually incomplete and malformed. And generally marginalized, silenced and excluded by the family-centered focus of contemporary church life.”
  2. A fascinating piece from the UK about writing as a woman in a very public sphere – the Internet. “The implication that a woman must be sexually appealing to be taken seriously as a thinker did not start with the internet: it's a charge that has been used to shame and dismiss women's ideas since long before Mary Wollestonecraft was called "a hyena in petticoats". The internet, however, makes it easier for boys in lonely bedrooms to become bullies. It's not only journalists, bloggers and activists who are targeted. Businesswomen, women who play games online and schoolgirls who post video-diaries on YouTube have all been subject to campaigns of intimidation designed to drive them off the internet, by people who seem to believe that the only use a woman should make of modern technology is to show her breasts to the world for a fee.”
  3. While I don’t always agree with the stuff that appears on Christ and Pop Culture (heck, more often than not, I enter into the comments section to vehemently disagree), I liked this article from Brad.  “Here’s a good test you can use to see how your heart is toward our President. Do you pray for him? Do you pray that God will fill him with wisdom and insight? If you believe that he is not converted, are you concerned for his soul? Or when you talk about the President, is it mostly to disrespect him and to scoff at his policies? If your speech is normally disrespectful, you ought to repent from it. It is sinful, and you are bringing shame on the church.”
  4. Here’s a very long sort of advice column that gives a different perspective on sex before marriage. (Again, note that I don’t agree with everything presented). “I don't think, as you probably don't either, that someone simply having a sexual history, no matter what it was like, is a sound primarily criteria for finding awesome partners and wonderful relationships. A person's choice to have engaged in sex or not just doesn't tend to tell us very much about that person. I think there are other things you will probably want to put first when considering someone for dating, let alone a serious, legally-binding partnership. After all, just like people who have chosen to have sex before or without marriage can be awesome people or crummy people, the same is true of people who have chosen not to. Whether someone has or hasn't made the choice to save sex for marriage or not doesn't tell you what kind of person or partner that person is or will be.”
  5. And for fun: I love Cormac McCarthy. I love Yelp. Let’s combine the two and see what happens!


Video of the week:


I re-discovered “My Drunk Kitchen” this week after several months of not watching it. I don’t know why I stopped. The video is slightly-NSFW because of language and such, but it’s way too hilarious not to share.

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