Friday Finds...on Saturday.


Apologies for not getting the Friday Finds up in a timely manner! I got home last night and just sort of spaced for a couple of hours - it's been a long week.  

  1. Over on The Friendly Atheist, Amanda writes a great post on corporal punishment and spanking, and why justifying child abuse with Biblical teachings is bad for society as a whole. Amazing.
  2. Janet Oberholtzer did a great guest post over at MPT’s Jesus Needs New PR about how we justify actions in our lives with Christianese “God told me to do x,” when it’s really a cop-out to avoid blame or to justify a decision.
  3. Love, Joy, Feminism is always posting stuff that makes me want to spend hours on her blog site just reading and commenting (and I have done so…oops). This article on “Thought Crime” is no exception.
  4. Rachel Held Evans also had a great post explicating why, exactly, Debi and Michael Pearl's teachings on child rearing are abusive and to be condemned.
  5. Last, this one isn't really intellectual but more of a "what the hell are you doing not watching this show go watch it now!" This week's episode of Community is one of the BEST episodes of television I have ever seen.

And your video for the week: Hank Green, one of my favorite people in the universe, had a great video on curse words this week.

Friday FindsDianna Anderson