11 of 11: Friday Finds


Happy Friday! It's almost the new year, but it seems on many levels we are still having the same conversations, but I'm glad to have been a part of these conversations. And as it's the last Friday of the year, I thought I'd remind y'all of some of my favorite articles that were posted this year - articles that are timeless and well worth re-reading. So here are my 11 of '11 Friday Finds (in no particular order):

1. "Imaginary Feminism 101." A breakdown of all those myths about feminism and why they're bull.

2. "Quivering with Fear: A Review of Quivering Daughters." This breakdown of patriarchal Christianity had me cheering back in July, and still has me cheering in December.

3. "Can America's Attitude Toward Sex Be Any Worse? (Or, What happened when my son said 'breast' in preschool)" from Alternet is a great break down of how messed up Americans are toward sex, and how we don't even realize it.

4. "Can a Man Be a Feminist? My Personal Journey into Male Feminism." Jesse over at Lawsonry is one of my favorite fellow feminist writers, and this article on male feminism is brilliant.

5. "I Don't Want to See Your Boobies!" from Matthew Paul Turner. This is one of my favorite posts of the year, even though it makes me sad that, likely, a lot of people only listened because it was a man saying what women have been saying FOR YEARS.

6. "A Woman's Opinion is the Mini-Skirt of the Internet." There was a big discussion across the pond about women entering into male-dominated debating spheres - particularly, the Internet - and the ways in which we are silenced. It is worth a re-read, if only to open your eyes to the abuse that women refuse simply for having the gall to be a woman with an opinion.

7. "Why Women Aren't Crazy." This article, originally posted by Yashar Ali over at Good Men Project, made the rounds over and over in the feminist blogging sphere. Gaslighting is a real thing, and I don't know a single female writer who has not experienced it in some degree (myself included).

8. "Christianity, Sin and Thought Crime." I love what Libby Anne has to say over on Love, Joy, Feminism, but this article was probably my favorite of all of hers.

9. "Reddit Makes Me Hate Atheists." Appropos of #6, Skepchick just this past week posted a good breakdown of what happens when a woman posts in a traditional male space. In deference to a discussion my redditor and r/atheism reader friend James, I'd like to add a little thought here - note that the woman in question felt the need to adapt to the male-dominated attitudes and play along with the jokes that bashed her as a female. This is, quite frequently, a form of self-defense.

10. "Why 'Yes, But...' is the Wrong Response to Misogyny." This one was posted just yesterday, but it's worth a link. It articulates much better than I could why I get annoyed by being told to qualify and remind people that 'not all men are like that' when I cite a piece of male privilege, etc. It's derailing and distracting from the point I'm trying to make.

11. And last, one of my favorite pieces of the year: "I Think I Just Figured Out the Slutwalk." (site is NSFW, just so you know).

Thank you for reading and helping to make 2011 a wonderful year in the blogging realm for me. I look forward to more heated discussion, productive debate, and fun times of working things out together in this safe space!

Friday FindsDianna Anderson