[Misnomered] Friday Finds


Apologies for being late on this week's Friday Finds! I was caught in that lovely giant blizzard for a significant amount of time yesterday, and was too exhausted to do anything but watch 30 Rock when I got home. But now I'm awake! And I have some links for all of you! 1. In reference to my Mace article last week, I give you this article from 2009 on Schroedinger's Rapist and boundaries. The comments section is all sorts of facepalmy.

2. Read This, Not That is a great website recommended by Chase Whiteside of New Left Media, and a couple of weeks ago they posted a link to this article on the contemporary condition of heterosexual relationships.

3. One of my favorite authors, Jessica Valenti, was on Anderson Cooper last week discussing the Purity Myth. I'll be referencing this more in a later blog post, but it's worth checking out the videos here.

4. This is a great article on how the "sin" of immodesty was handled in the ancient Jewish world and how we've screwed everything up royally by demanding that women dress modestly in order to keep men from sinning.

And video of the week! There are two of them! Want to know about SOPA/PIPA? Hank Green's got you covered:



The SOPA-related black out was, of course, the big story of the week, but I'd also like to draw your attention to ACTA, a multi-national similar bill that has a lot of scary implications. Anonymous (yes, that group) put together a video explaining the bill:


As a lot of us make our livings through the internet, all three of these bills are very, very dangerous in that they are being put together by people who still think "the internet is for nerds" and don't know the difference between an IP address and a modem. I urge you to learn as much as you can about these bills and call (not write) your representatives.* I say this not just because of my blog, but because even my day job could be in jeopardy (that's how extensive and poorly written these bills are - even companies that abide by FCC rules could be taken down for linking to copyrighted content that someone else illegally posted).

So, learn, call, and do your part!


*I say calling because that is a better use of taxpayer dollars. Letter writing campaigns are well and good, but they are costly in terms of time and resources. You end up with an intern having to print out a form letter and use tax payer dollars to reply to you, rather than a phone call. And if they're getting a barrage of phone calls, that's much harder to ignore than letters.

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