Christian Dating Advice Bingo

Lotto Balls

I’ve been single a long time. With the exception of one three month relationship, I’ve spent my entire adult life (from 18 on) single. This is partly by choice (dating while in graduate school? Are you insane?) and partly by circumstance (living in a rural town in Japan will do that to you). Because I’d been raised in a heavily Christian environment and went to private Christian schools for both undergrad and grad, I had no shortage of dating advice from well-intentioned (often married) people. Almost none of it was actually helpful. Some of it was outright damaging. And, being a female who reads a lot of Christian blogs, it can sometimes spring up where you least expect it – this article, from the CT Women’s blog, for example, suddenly turns into random dating advice, which seems to me, beside the [poorly thought out] point the author was getting at.

For some women (and men), this advice may be helpful – I don’t want to discount that. But, for me and the vast majority of my friends, this advice was totally useless, and, if received at the wrong time, quite hurtful.

And some of it is just plain nonsensical (like advice about dating Jesus – does that mean I break up with Jesus when I get married, or am I cheating on my husband with Jesus? I’m so confused!).

So, I’ve bingo-ified it for your reading pleasure. I suggest printing off a copy and keeping it by your computer for when you read blogs aimed at Christian women, or when you have that inevitable conversation with your parents about why you're 26 and still single. It may just help keep you sane!

Update: At the suggestion of my friend Aubrey, I have added an enthusiastic title!