This Week's Finds

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Dance during the Nobel Banquet

Apologies on the lateness - I decided it better to delay the Friday Finds by a day in order to get that bingo card up!

  1. Here is a fascinating discussion of the portrayal of women as “angry” or “bitter.” “In the myriad of personal and professional ways females have achieved parity with men over the decades, freedom of expression is not one of them.”
  2. This was tweeted by Maureen Johnson this morning, and I think it’s a good examination of the unconscious biases we all have.
  3. I love Gawker’s “crazy emails” column. This one is a real winner. Best line? “It is clear that following this suggestion requires an effort in that it can be difficult for some to overcome the widely-accepted notion that flattery is a panacea; however, I assure you that honesty is a tonic like no other.”
  4. This is a good article on spiritual abuse, though I do have a problem with the opening line. Trigger warning.
  5. This is a painful read, but it's extremely important. Christianity is not a safe space for survivors, as many survivors have told me themselves. Here is another voice, saying it clearer and better than I ever could.

Video of the week!

This amused me greatly. I love John Green.

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