Saturday Link Dump


This week's finds! It's been a busy week - I have guest posts up at Matthew Paul Turner's blog, and at Think Christian. And here is your weekend reading material from around the blogosphere!

  1. I openly admit that I have a potty mouth. And I don't care. This blog post affirmed for me what I already know: that shying away from certain words is simply a good way to mask real feelings and create a plastic faith.
  2. This week, John Piper said that Christianity is supposed to have a "masculine feel" (and did a poor job identifying what that means). Part of his argument was that God has given the name meaning "man" to us. A bilingual Dutch blogger, Bram, points out why that's a completely bogus argument. Weaksauce, Mr. Piper.
  3. Ah, Sarah Moon just keeps posting fantastic stuff! This one is no exception. A-freaking-men!
  4. I love narrative. I love Doctor Who. Alise Wright manages to combine both of those in a post that had me thinking again about the Eleventh Doctor's words, in a new light.
  5. Also in response to Piper's masculinity claims, this blog post is one of the best on the topic.

And, video of the week! The Shit ____ Say meme wore out its welcome pretty quickly, but every so often, one surfaces that just hits the nail on the head. This video is just that - "Sh*tuff Christian Girls Say."

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