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This week has had some fantastic articles and blogs cropping up that I just have to share. 1. From the Male Feminist, here are three things every man should know. "Men will continue to see feminist theory as a threat because by feminists showing time and time again that females are equal in every intellectual and most physical respects to males, men are incessantly having to make excuses for their behavior and prove to themselves and other men that they are indeed everything that the world has told them to be."

2. My friend Alise pointed me to this older article this morning, and it's worth sharing, even if it is old, because its principles are timeless.

And as long as you come to us with the message that God wants us to live a love-less life of aloneness and think that we are going to see this as good news, don’t be surprised that we are not impressed. If you think that you are doing us ...a favor by being “compassionate for our struggle”, then don’t expect any more congratulation than what your are already giving yourself. And until you come up with a theology that reveals God as something other than a bigot or a bully, you can be sure that your “mission to the homosexuals” will not be fruitful.

3. The Grammys are tonight, and Chris Brown is performing. We should all have a problem with this.

4. I rarely like the Her.meneutics blog, but this post on John Piper's masculine Christianity is dead on: "I don’t believe God has given Christians a mandate to preserve and perpetuate cultural notions of masculinity and femininity any more than God wishes us to adopt Ancient Near Eastern (or Greco-Roman) blindspots about (dis)ability, race, and social class."

5. And last, I wanted to applaud Amanda over at the Friendly Atheist for this brilliant piece: "I'm a Woman, Not a Sin." She writes:

I can’t think of a more permanent set of shackles than that given to Christian youth by being told that their bodies are the source of their immorality, that bodies are something to be thoroughly covered up, forgotten, out of sight, out of mind. If you fail to do so completely, if you leave a bit too much skin uncovered, or wear a shirt that’s a little too tight, the assumption is that you are i...nviting depravity and sin into your life and you know it. I have to wonder how many of my adolescent and teen years I wasted, intentionally distancing myself from my male peers who could have been my friends in the name of purity/fear (I can never remember which…) or patting myself on the back and reassuring myself of the supposed superiority my purity gave me (“It’s so sad and empty to live a life trying to impress all the boys when you could have a greater purpose in life, like me”). There is never enough that a girl can do to secure her purity — it’s in what she wears (every piece), how she walks, how she stands, how she does her hair and makeup, how much eye contact she makes…

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